Friday is a rapper and singer-songwriter, raised in various southern Californian cities and is a brilliant mind with a story to tell. At only 19 years old, he released “Euphoric State of Mind”, a mixtape showcasing versatility, lyricism, and a style of his own. 8 years later, AT 27, he has grown tremendously, and honed his sound, to ensure a bright future ahead of him.

‘Don’t Shoot’ is a message to America, written and performed by Friday. In a time where the country is enraged from recent tragic murders committed by police officers, sworn to protect and serve us, this song is to inform. The track is basically about the past history, and about the present oppression.


“Today it seems the police use their power, not to protect, but to put fear in the hearts of many. I’m fed up with police brutality. Don’t shoot acts as a voice for the oppressed; my voice is my protest; I cannot be silenced. Don’t shoot is my piece and my peace.” Friday say.


Go here to stream the song here and get in touch with Friday on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. You can also go to his website and get some more here.

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