TMFSE & G.R.I.E.F.78 – Another 48 Hours

TMFSE & G.R.I.E.F.78 – Terms of Endearment

TMFSE & G.R.I.E.F.78- The Warning

Mannn!….Another introduction to the underground as we live it….This is the type of sh!t we post about up on here!…WIB HEAT is what is spoken of!…New Jersey style of word play from the duo..”TMFSE & G.R.I.E.F.78″…. These two cats are somethin’ else…the homies knuckle up on and slang lyrical catastrophe on backdrops that sounds like there torturing eardurms…”Black Guy​/​White Guy Buddy Movie” in its entirely produced by GRIEF78. Co-produced and mixed by Junkwaffel…Also features Pistol. Tame One & Shape…”Slangcorp” is the family in which all the artists presented in this post up are from…Keep an ear out more to come from the slang… Even though its presented as a “Freeness” its better to purchased whats really worth it as these two highly suggest to donate upon the project at hand…Hope yall enjoy it ghea!…


Black Guy/White Guy Buddy Movie

TMFSE: Twitter

SlangCorp: Website


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