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In an attempt to stay creative, efficient and relevant with their music, Charles English and Dylan Thomas decided to create an annual artist retreat. The retreat would take place the second weekend of March, and include musicians, rappers, photographers, videographers and engineers. The goal would be to create an album from scratch in less than three days.
March 2011 marked the first artist retreat project and included Dylan Thomas, Charles English, Haz Solo, Jason Jones, Victor Yañez-Lazcano and Miguel Rodriguez.
The result of the first of many annual albums is The Supper Club: Spirit Cove Edition. With ten tracks of hip-hop served up like a well balanced meal of soul, rock, r&b and jazz, the album follows the experiences of the weekend incorporating the wide range of tastes and personalities that went into the 43-hour production.

Shout out to Frankie Flowers for the heads up..dap homie!

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