Tha Lepht – Introducing

Tha Lepht – Headtrips (Remix)

Emcees Menacin Johnson, Tha E.M.S., and Emcee/Producer N/A are Tha Lepht Field (formerly known as Tha Lepht.) The Los Angeles based trio presents the “Do The Right Thing” EP, featuring songs that have been recorded over the years, some of which were released on a limited basis. While “Do The Right Thing” is not intended to be based on the Spike Lee joint, the Hip Hop music of that time, commonly referred to as “The Golden Era”, was definitely an influence. The sentiment in the title refers to maintaining integrity in the music, which nowadays has seemingly taken a back seat to copying the latest trends, relying on gimmicks and perpetuating a false image for the purpose of blowing up. These talented individuals came together with a common goal of making quality Hip Hop music without pretense. This is just a taste of more to come. Enjoy!



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