Terracotta Blue – Lake Autumn

People that love chillwave say they can dig it, people who love hip-hop say it’s cool…whatever. I’m a fan and get inspired by both. I’m just a guy who loves making dark mellow beats.

Nice little discovery and very appropriate for a chilled Friday evening, this 3-track EP courtesy of Terracotta Blue is the perfect soundtrack for me to unwind and relax after a very weird and crazy week. The very short project presents some music I don’t usually listen to on a regular basis but which is greatly appreciated at times when the brain needs to be unplugged for a while.
As the producer explains in his short intro, these tracks are influenced both by hip-hop and more experimental music, which creates quite an original and spaced-out atmosphere. I think it may not be for everyone but definitely recommended for those willing to open their ears and minds. Terracotta Blue will really make you see/hear One Million Sunsets.

Enjoy the journey…

 DOWNLOAD One Million Sunsets on BANDCAMP

Terracotta Blue: Twitter • Soundcloud


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