I sat on this album all day leaving it alone in it’s own tab on firefox pondering over whether to give it a chance or not. Returning to the computer later in the day I finally gave Real T@lk and Authentik their chance to impress yours truly. More than half way through, I can honestly admit to being thoroughly impressed. I wasn’t too up on these guys before, they have earlier projects and two solo projects on the way. Any personal information you desire on the duo can be found on the cover to this LP. That little list is a nice touch.

As the title suggests, the concept of the LP is a TV sitcom. This resulted in each track being named ‘Episode..’ Further inspiration for the LP comes from ‘The Rap Game,’ being “flooded with a bunch of so-called emcees that just want to make a quick buck causing the name “mixtape” to be taken as a bigger joke than ever before,” Real T@lk points out.

These Chicagoans are representing the windy-city hard. Enjoy this one.


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