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It’s a certain smell that reminds you of a time…’ Kay Young

The 2nd consecutive Release of ‘The Smell of Winter Project’ from UK female Rapper / MC and producer Kay Young, the project dedicated to her favorite season winter, is the ideal Hip Hop Album with a warm feeling for the cold season.

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‘This project is about a time of reflection for me, winter being at the end of the year, going into a new year. I would say over the past two years there have been a lot of good & bad memories which has helped me to grow and through my growth, I have been able to produce something positive which is my music. I believe this project has a distinctive Smell & Sound, so whenever it is played it will take people back to their experiences or memories’. Kay Young

The decision to create this project came on August 2010 and Kay Young took her inspiration from the dark nights, the change of mood and the distinct smell of winter.

‘I decided to go with ‘The Smell of Winter’ and not ‘The Sound of Winter’ because it’s the smell that takes me back to a certain time in my life more than a sound’. Kay Young

We all listen to different kinds of music over winter, people tend to gravitate towards the warm inviting sounds but musically Kay Young has taken ‘The smell of winter project’ back to her roots, sampling old school grooves, keeping it Hip Hop and writing content that is more conscious lyrically.

‘I want to take people back to real good music, the truth and the vulnerability. This is probably the most I have revealed of me as an artist to the listeners. This is a more up close and personal Kay Young’. Kay Young

‘The Smell of Winter Project’ is the music that Kay Young wants to hear right now and she hopes there are many that would agree with her.

Kay Young has hardly just started out her career in music but the journey is just beginning, her most recent work ‘The Smell of Winter Project’, she personally considers it to be her best work so far, but there is still plenty more to come.

‘The Smell of Winter Project’ is establishing Kay Young’s music and herself as an artist offering a uniquely distinct sound and refreshing style.

The message through this project is whatever experiences we go through in life whether good or bad, sometimes we have to use them to evaluate who we are.

‘This project is an evaluation of who I am’. Kay Young

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