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Thanks to J-Live for reaching out personally, with this dopeness…as you can read below expect 2 more mixtapes of this trilogy to be posted soon….each tape is 30 tracks deep, and clearly showcases how much work this underground legend has done through out the years. Quality and quantity is a rare find.

This mixtape is the first instalment of “The Live Trilogy”. The Live Identity is a collection of J-Live songs, old, new, rare, hot and classic. The tracks range from the first singles of the mid 90s to the new single for the upcoming album “S.P.T.A. Said Person Of that Ability”. S.P.T.A. hits the web and stores everywhere 9/27/11. Like the album and the “Undivided Attention EP” before it, “The Live Identity” features the hip hop triple threat as a three man group (Emcee/DJ/Producer). This is an all J-Live compilation, mixed by DJ J-Live and hosted by J-live. Enjoy…

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