Foreign Exchange – Maybe She’ll Dream Of Me

Maaan this year just keeps getting better…couple of days back found out about Y Society releasing a new album later this year, and today to my surprise I found that The Foreign Exchange, just released a new single “Maybe She’ll Dream Of Me” from the upcoming album “Authenticity”, to be released on October 12. Though for some reason I was completely oblivous to the release date of this one.

This track has that signature smoooth Foreign Exchange vibe. Going by this, they have another classic album cooking.

If you haven’t heard of FE…well… it’s composed by Nicolay (Producer) & Phonte  (MC/Singer) [Yerp the same Phonte from Little Brother]…and you MUST listen to the previous albums “Connected” and the Grammy nominated “Leave It All Behind” ASAP. Amazing work! I have it on repeat often.

Foreign Exchange x LA Stereo Part 1 – The Indie Game

About “Maybe She’ll Dream Of Me”:

Produced by Nicolay and Phonte for The Foreign Exchange Music, LLC
Vocals by Phonte
All Instruments by Nicolay
Piano by Zo!
Recorded and Mixed by Phonte at The Peanut Gallery and by Nicolay at The Beach House, Wilmington, NC

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For More Info head over to Foreign Exchange Official Site


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