This project is one of those things where you can’t help but think, ‘Why the hell didn’t I think of that?’ After all, we all form some sort emotional attachment to the music we listen to. Music we love becomes the soundtrack to our lives. I may be alone on this one but, I’m always playing out situations and thinking up scenarios to go along with the songs oozing from my headphones. What Kenzo Digital and the crew have done here is create something that completely encapsulates everything good about 90’s Hip Hop culture. Ok maybe not everything good but damn, anything that includes the likes of; a 90’s Nas and Jay, Samuel L, Ghost, Rae, Laurence Fishburne and Delroy Lindo deserves everyone’s attention. If like me, you get that old 90’s nostalgia type feeling of days when movie quality was grainy and the majority of Hip Hop music videos were shot in front of project buildings then this my friend, is most definitely for you.

Peep the Trailer below for a taster of how ill this concept could potentially turn out to be…

I actually came to notice ‘The City of God’s Son’ just over a year back in it’s early stages. Though since then I completely forgot about it, props goes to Jose for bringing this Gem back to my attention. However, something that combines the illest of Nas and Jay verses should certainly not be overlooked. Therefore I guess it’s never too late to get up on things like this.

The first thing that should catch most head’s attention is the God’s Son reference. This is quite clearly a reference to ‘God’s Son’ himself, Nasir Bin Olu Dara Jones. Though it is also referencing a film that all World Cinema fanatics and movie buffs in general should be aware of. That of course being the brilliant ‘City of God.’ I’ve said this before but on the real this time, if you haven’t seen that film go watch it right now. If you’re disappointed….I can’t even think of a witty thing to put in right there to redeem possible disappointment because i’m so sure you’ll love that film. (Anything that got 8.8 stars on imdb is worth a watch, I mean c’mon that site rarely gives anyone over 6 stars). The intertwining genres of both ‘City of God’s Son’ and the ‘City of God’ as gritty, inner-city, urban dramas, portray the genius of naming this particular project after a classic art-house film.

To quickly add further background viewing material for those not blessed to have come across such classic 90’s flicks let me slip you these two titles:

Delroy Lindo (featured) gave a convincing performance as the Drug Lord ‘Rodney Little’ in Spike Lee’s 1995 cult classic ‘Clockers.’ This film is jam-packed with Hip Hop delights that include, classic 90’s fashion, rap debates, 90’s style freestyles and more. To give you a little feel, I’ve included little Emo’s freestyle in the image below (peep the 90’s flow).

One year prior to Clockers, another urban hit had been crafted featuring a young(er) Samuel L. Jackson. 1994 was the year of Fresh, possibly the coolest child character ever to hit the big screen. If you didn’t want to be Superman, Batman or any of those guys, you wanted to be the street smart, hugely intelligent and smooth Fresh.

For more information and download material from ‘City of God’s Son’ check the official site HERE
I recommend you download the audio file from the download section and take a quick peek at the press pack which has all the interesting info on the crew and origins of this project. I was going to feature here but, what’s the use when they already did it so well.



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