Evolve One – July 30th

Evolve One – August 4th

It’s that golden sound…the 90’s vibe just right before it evolved in to a different type of sound…or is it revisited into what it was supposed to be…Nonetheless if you know what im talking bout drop a comment..”10 Nights in Summer”…is the soundtrack to the summer heat and influenced if that..Thus coming out of Phoenix AZ…It’s hell on earth when it’s the summer time out here!….Other than that…producer “Evolve One” is phenominal on this beat tape…hands down its that feel good vibe that i strive for….reppin’ California from San Diego to Oakland….Yo these sounds are seldom seen and need acknowledgment…ghea!….So on that note support the “Freeness” the composer and Vibe to this!…I know I’m late but better then never!..


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