Blue Scholars – Big Bank Hank

Great new track by Blue Scholars!

Anyway, at some point Geo shrugs his shoulders, steps to the mic, and starts shouting “Watcha gon do today?”

I recorded it.

While I’m playing back the recording, he starts answering himself by shouting random stuff he plans to do that day. It was an odd choice, but I ended up recording that too.

When that take was finished, we played it back… kinda sat in silence for a second.. looked at each other… said something to the effect of “[email protected]# it!” then hi-fived in a way that wasn’t lame and went and got some Crispy Ginger Chicken at the Kauai Family Restaurant.

Did we finish the song? Yes.
Was the hook a good choice? I dunno.

Did the events described in this email really transpire exactly the way I said they did? Most likely not.”

Download the track above or get all three tracks including the instrumental here.


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