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“Santa Left us a big bag of magic trees under THE Christmas tree. This is what happend… we got in touch with a couple of friends like The Super Nice Music Group, Hippie Sabotage, Sensei Walingh, Hexagon.. THE 100akres casette & beattape Master himself Freshnerd, and last but not least our brother Erico Smit. we started lighting up Santa’s Christmas Trees.

Major shoutoutto : Freshnerd, Hippie Sabotage, Hexsagon, SuperNiceMusic fam Lemonface, Laezea, Dave Redi, Latenite, Sensei Walingh, The Eerier Child, Saux, Bcescapades crew Twometer, Cvago, Rare Villains, Ray The Barbarian !!

Bcescapades wishes you all à very High Christmas! And à Bangin 2012!!”

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