The legendary UK hip-hop trio Foreign Beggars return with the visual for their heartfelt, reflective track titled “It’s Gonna Be Fine” featuring Dr. Syntax & ADMT. The track focuses on the acts pouring their deepest emotions on wax as they battle both inner and external demons while having that assurance that it will be alright at the end of it all. The somewhat dark and broody backdrop courtesy of Seemore Beats sure fits the profound subject matter at hand that is both relatable and touching. The visuals shot in black and white gives the song a very solemn aesthetic as well.

“It’s Gonna Be Fine” . is taken from the Foreign Beggars’ final project as a group. Entitled Matriarchy, the project sees the seminal electronic/rap crew revisit a more hip-hop driven sound, harking back to the sounds and inspiration of their early days. As Foreign Beggars look to wrap up the year in style, they look forward to new projects whilst looking back with this contemplative and nostalgia-driven album.

“Matriarchy represents an energy/paradigm shift that we feel the world needs – moving away from the Patriarchy and the combative, toxic masculinity that has shaped society for generations. We worship greed, financial success, plagued with violence and lack empathy which are at the core of many of the world’s ills. The feminine energy also represents the nurturing of the self both physically and mentally and is a step in the direction of nature that so many of us are now completely disconnected from.”

Get the single on Apple Music, Deezer, and Spotify below.


‘Matriarchy’ is out on all digital platforms 13th December with vinyl copies also available online HERE.

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