Melbourne based, hip-hop/jazz-hop group who go by the moniker Flimsey Lohan deliver their newest material “Gazman Hat With The Strap” with gusto. Their style of hip-hop is interesting and takes elements from jazz, soul, live instrumentation and of course emceeing.  “Gazman Hat With The Strap” is a vibrant record that is built on rollicking drums, laid back keys and a steady bassline to match. Lead vocalist Moom$ comes through with his smooth flow and left-field lyrics. Speaking about the track, Moom$ offers an insight into the track’s sly humor and relatability: “I wore a Gazman hat to death. It’s one of those ones with the fastening belt – I left it on a bus in Burma in 2017. I own a couple other Gazman hats but they just ain’t the same.

“Gazman Hat With The Strap” is taken from their new EP Dolphin Puppy

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