Today is International Women’s Day, and I was browsing through twitter for something that’s awe-inspiring to today’s events that are happening in this not-so-friendly climatic atmosphere we’re living in. AJ+ posted a BTS footage of Yemeni’s first female rapper, 23-year-old Amani Yahya, speaking about the difficulties that women living through conflict (of war) are facing.

OxFam in the Middle East brought Yahya together with four other artists: Meera Irshaid & Krist from Jordan, and Rush Saifullah & Myam Mahmoud from Egypt to Beirut, to record a track about womens’ rights. Here’s the result of the dope collaborative effort! It is in their native tongue, so if you’re looking for the english translation, it’s down below.

Salute to women everywhere making a difference, no matter how big or small!

Explain to me how you consider women to be machines
Explain to me clearly how you consider her your other half
While you are sitting there throwing orders as if she were a slave
As if you got her from a market through a free deal
Don’t be human if you do not want to be
To exist or not, this law allowed me to
Think for a second and live a moment of peace
And realised that I exist with or without you
In general, masculinity for some
Can only be seen as a loud roaring voice 
And you, moved from your father’s house to the house of man you were forced to marry 
They do not give you a break, they tie you up to ignorance
They put limits to your dreams, but they will never limit your power
The many days you have resisted harassment and war cannot be counted, but the power that lies in you will never be stopped
When you start thinking of yourself, your path will not be blocked 
Don’t talk to me of a masculine society and tell me to shut up and forget
You have no right to rule and oppress just because she is a woman
Because of your thirst for ignorance you try to dominate her
A woman is a complete human she is not a half, so stop considering her one.
Women are not shame, they can be whoever they want
Mothers, scientists, leaders by nature
Women are revolutions and heads of houses,
The point is that a woman is not private property
You tell me that a woman can never become something big
A school teacher, that’s all she can ever be
But you have surely forgotten
That women are essential beings that cannot be eliminated 
despite your constant tough oppression
You call her names such as ‘shame’ & ‘reputation’
You try to make me forget that you are the perpetrator
A woman owns herself, she is not the property of anyone else
Exploitation, persecution and marginalization of women
From the violence she has endured, she has created a revolution
All the challenges she is facing are making her stronger
She can do whatever she wants, she does not need your permission
They burry justice with their violent thoughts
They imprison freedom with metal handcuffs
Our women are prisoners from the old ages
We kill women in many different ways
We divert the meaning of words for unlawful principles
We call for justice and exclude women
And now with wars, women are being sold in markets
All eyes on you while counting your breath
She is not your property, or a prey to devour
You don’t have power over her or her freedom
There is no battle of the sexes not even round after round
In the midst of camps, women are as tough as a thousand state
Their reward were their independence
They spread their wings and flew like migrating birds
Fleeing from injustice, harassment and exploitation
With their will and patience they will win, their weapons are much stronger than yours
If I had to fight to ask for a normal life
You will find loud armies supporting me 
You will find various armies that also call for freedom
The way women’s rights are given to them 
are in reality hanging ropes
so leave me break free from the limitations imposed on me
The color red is not romantic, it reminds me of blood
Leave me be independent, I am satisfied with that
I put my own rules which you do not possess
My worries keep reminding me that I have to ask for support
Your life is divided between sacrifice and exploitation
They forced you to marry the rich guy instead of the one you love
Despite your weakness, you take advantage because she is a refugee 
She is courageous, strong, a heroin, and you surely know that
It’s a war, and my army is stronger than yours, my enemy is ignorance
I will rebalance society’s scale and I will dream
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