Production duo fika and vocalist Stefan Mahendra share their fourth single “Orbit” as they prepare for their upcoming debut EP. The record is a sublime love ballad that sees Stefan musing on the love of his life as he explores her attributes and pours adulation on her. Bolstered by the ethereal and dreamy soundscape made up of lush keys, warm strings, and soft percussion grooves, Stefan delivers a layered melodic performance that grips the ears from start to finish. The track is pretty dynamic and it progresses with the addition of new instruments toward the tail end, the drums become more prominent and the funky guitars blend perfectly with the airy keys.

“Orbit” is the fourth track on the forthcoming EP from Stefan Mahendra, the project being co-written and produced by South London duo fika. The EP which explores “the inherently unpredictable aspects of love” will be out later this year.


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