Liverpool Singer-Songwriter Faye Donna Francis shares her new single “This House No Home” and it’s accompanying visual as she prepares to drop her debut EP 19-23 early next year. The song is an ode to self-worth, growth and finding one’s true north in the midst of the craziness. Over a soulful and somewhat brooding soundscape, Faye delivers her verses with a laidback and soothing cadence that engulfs the backdrop with so much emotion. Faye’s songwriting is particularly striking as she directs her words to the outsiders who try to find their sweet spot in an unforgiving world. From being castigated and overlooked, she digs deep and the only recourse is to find that inner strength to push on even when the pain is at its peak.

The visual has an interesting storyboard and recurring motifs that switch between red and cinematic aesthetics.



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