Producer duo Ex-poets team up with singer Felicia Douglass for this exciting soulful ballad titled “So Bad”. The track has atmospheric and sublime textures that slowly build with Felicia’s alluring vocals. She delivers a solid performance and the unapologetic lyrics take precedence as she yearns for her lover who seems to be fleeting. The progression is quite engaging and the dynamics have a distinct ebb and flow that keeps listeners locked in from start to finish.

“So Bad” is taken from Ex-poets’s album Dust out in September via Text Me Records.

Ex-poets’ 2022 singles and subsequent album Dust was made largely remotely, bouncing between Brooks’ home base of Los Angeles and Killalea’s home in Virginia. The duo sent snippets of musical ideas back and forth, recording, arranging, and piecing together what would become a collage of cohesive and new songs. These songs are a collection grown out of the isolation of the pandemic, that thematically conveys a sense of calm and hopefulness. Dust, says Jordan, “is about the idea that from where we came, we will eventually all return; and that there is beautiful common humanity and substance humming beneath the surface of all beings on this planet. So let’s not take our time here for granted, for it is short and precious.” The duo invites you to take a listen. You might hear a dreamy tenderness throughout, the abstractions of psychedelia, and a shared love of head-nodding music.

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