I have only one word to describe what happened this past friday night: WOW. Sharing the same stage with the same person who single-handedly formatted hiphop under the moniker Gang Starr was one of the most amazing things that has happened to me. Although it wasnt a formally packed house (because of the rain), there were PLENTY of people there enough to consider it a huge party, and I wouldnt have it any other way. While most people were out trying to get into the celebrity-hosted clubs in Hollywood, the folks who came out to the El Rey Theatre made the best decisions of their life, and especially got their money worth…

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I dont know how this man does it, but Foci is the truth! He had Versis, Seven Day, Hardwerk & Jansport J do a full set all in one! Versis did a few songs, Seven Day kept the crowd’s energy up while hopping back and forth on stage doing at least 3 songs, Foci did a Wu-Tang tribute set right along with a few songs. Then he introduced Hardwerk & Jansport J to the crowd.. which of course they tore up the stage with two songs. It was my first time seeing them in action, and I honestly see why they have a huge buzz out in the Inland Empire! You guys better keep your eyes and ear to the street, cause this dynamic duo will make you believers of what they put down on the mic AND the beats. Jansport J is a MONSTER (yes, I said it).

And, now the moment that everyone has been waiting for: DJ PREMIER. I dont know how this man does it, but for him to have a huge amount of energy and putting it into all that he does just to please the crowd (at age 44, he’ll be 45 next month) is overwhelmingly amazing! You have to be there to witness that! He played all sorts of classics. At one point in his set, he saw the crowd’s energy dwindle, so he stops the record. He asks the crowd “Yo, im about to be 45 next month, and I have a lot of energy. How is it that your energy is low, LA? I aint up here doing this shit for nothing! Do you love hiphop? Well, act like it!” Once the crowd got the message, then it was smooth sailing for him. Nonetheless, it was an awesome night seeing him do his thing. He did a special tribute set to Big L, and the crowd LOVED every moment of it! Justin (Guru’s nephew), Rakaa Iriscience (Dilated Peoples) and plenty of others were in the place to witness the greatness that DJ Premier put in his set! I was exhausted by the end of the night! Check out the pictures below.


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