“Listen…I used to think I get it
Never made excuses for my choices, I committed
And I blame myself if I ended up in something less than ideal…”

Eternia reaches deep within herself to bring us a gem of a track called ‘Scraps’. She paints a broody picture on her three verses over a hazy Durrazzo soundscape, and there’s a lot to latch on to in this joint as she bares her emotion whilst keeping it from being overly sentimental. Another solid cut and, to paraphrase her, I know it will speak to you.

“I heard this beat playing while praying at City Lights in Toronto. I wrote the entire song the same night, and recorded  it the following afternoon. That was a year ago. The hook has been playing over and over in my mind lately, even though I haven’t been listening to the song at all. I thought I’d share it with y’all… perhaps it will speak to you too.” –
Eternia (Toronto, CA)
Producer: Durazzo – “Dark Roast” from the album, Cascades
Recording Engineer: Michael “DJ Merciless” Pompey


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