South East London raised artist Enny marks her debut on TWIB with her newest release titled “He’s Not Into You.” Backed by the Hackney-based community studio, DIY collective, and now record label, Root 73, Enny developed her craft as a vocalist. On “He’s Not Into You,” it’s quite evident that she has covered all the bases and delivers a unique melodic rap flow over a lush R&B/soul backdrop.

She details a story we all are familiar with which is that of unrequited love from the opposite sex. Far from being condescending, Enny approaches it from a tongue-in-cheek viewpoint that would make you think and probably giggle a bit. The self-proclaimed soulful lyricist showcases a brilliant blend of styles on this single and coupled with a knack using vivid lyrics, she takes the listener deep into her world. She doesn’t try to pander to the crowd but rather carves her own niche in this unforgiving industry filled with cookie-cutter types. Get it on all DSPs here


Pics by @neverseekpermission

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