ENAKA is an independent Cameroonian/American 23-year-old cross-genre rapper, singer/songwriter, and producer, from south Atlanta. Her newest record is an upbeat, bouncy cut that explores the irony of falling for someone who is antithetical to one’s usual type or standards, and it was produced by ZthePro (Mack Wilds “Crash,” Dreezy “Invincible”). She drew inspiration for the song while studying abroad in Paris for 5 months.

“Exception” taken from ENAKA’s upcoming EP Chasing Amour, which chronicles stories about queer dating, love, and the journey towards self-acceptance and vulnerability. In the past, she has collaborated with Atlanta producers Go Grizzly, and Fortebowie, who are both from her hometown. ENAKA graduated from NYU’s Undergraduate Music Business Program in 2017. During her time there she learned how to produce and honed her songwriting skills. She currently resides in Brooklyn but spends ample time in her hometown of Riverdale, GA.

Get the audio HERE

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