Emerging reggae/RnB act Emprezz Jay makes her entry on TWIB with her single “No One”  and its accompanying video. The song is the third release for the artist and tackles a very personal topic relating to self-affirmation, heartbreak and revelation.

The track has a smooth neo-soul texture and hip-hop bounce that is bolstered by Emprezz Jay’s fusion of dancehall and RnB melodies. The track is a self-empowering reminder of making one’s self a priority and not taking rubbish from liars and naysayers who lay in await during vulnerable times. Her style is impeccable and she delivers a heartwarming performance that shows her hurt, pain, and healing from all the drama.

The video is cinematic and sure captures the theme of the song well with nice storytelling and solid performance shots of Emprezz Jay doing her thing.


Born and raised in Jamaica, Emprezz Jay migrated in her teens to the United States. In addition to her many talents, rising star Emprezz is a Ghostwriter & Guitarist. The multitalented entertainer also aspires in careers like Fashion and acting. On her downtime, Emprezz Jay is a practicing holistic medicine who prides herself on a healthy lifestyle. E.J is also the host of Emprezz Jay’s Couch #AIRBNB and is the founder of EMPREZZ JAY TR.

Get “No One” on all DSPs here.

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