Sareem Poems (rhymes) & Terem (beats) join forces for A Pond Apart. The album releases Friday July 28th, 2017 via Illect Recordings.

Terem and I started talking about working on a project two years ago. I first heard his beat production on Soundcloud. We quickly struck up a friendship and began working on songs. The beats started flowing and I started writing. He handled the music, I handled subject matter. Terem worked around my mind.

As my writing took shape and songs neared completion, Terem added live instrumentation from talented musicians that I know and other extras. I’m proud of how A Pond Apart shaped up. With the many shifts in humanity and in my personal life in the last 2 years, there has been a lot to write about. What affected me most became a song. I hope y’all enjoy what I have to say over Terem’s production.

A Pond Apart track listing
1. Open
2. Walk & Talk
3. Tears (feat. Elias)
4. Breathe (feat. Red Pill)
5. Tic Toc
6. Growing (feat. Cataphant)
7. Emotional Flood
8. Rhythm (feat. Ozay Moore)
9. Get Up
10. After the Factory
11. Thanks
12. Open (Remix)
13. Growing (Remix)
14. Tic Toc (Stro Elliot Remix)

1-13 Terem
14 Stro Elliot

Trumpet by Perice Pope on Tears, Emotional Flood, After the Factory
Violin by Rodney Page on After the Factory

Pre-order at iTunes, Bandcamp, & others.

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Sareem Poems and Terem's "Growing" is a song of reflection about adulthood.