After dropping a couple of singles and a visual. The duo of Eastkoast x Phalo Pantoja finally hit us with their full lemgth collaborative project titled “Merciless Beauty”. Tune in for 22 tracks of pure hiphop from beginning to end.
Hit the play button and get familiar.
About the “Merciless Beauty” EP 
This body of work has solid heart an soul within its waves of sound, The interconnection between world’s that have fell by the shore lines has long been forgotten…
It’s progressive jazz patterns an stellar instrumentation has been recorded into this said project that has yielded a tremendous spark in intellectual wordplay married, by way of strong & creative production with the featurings as John Robinson, Sav Killz, Wildelux, Resolute, King Malachi & Relic the oddity…

Phalo Pantoja & Eastkoast has come together from different regions of the world, an has shown a level of showmanship to put forth an emotional roller coaster for the people.. The ocean is a vast space, deep an glorious, yet unforgiving as well as beautiful. partake in this journey if you will… you won’t be disappointed….

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