With a tracklist, release date and features all secured, Earl Sweatshirt releases Hive’, his latest video and single from upcoming album Doris. There’s no doubting now the general motif of the album, dark and twisted by Earl’s mindbuckling lyricism, and although on this and ‘Whoa‘ he doesn’t say much, I don’t really mind with a flow as crazy as it is. The voice is an instrument. Whether I could deal with an album full of it though… Earl Sweatshirt, who also handles the production (impressively too) is joined by long-time associates Casey Veggies (ex-Odd Future) and Vince Staples, who has a crazy, crazy verse. Check after the jump for the tracklist and purchasing options.


01 Pre [ft. SK La’ Flare]
02 Burgundy [ft. Vince Staples]
03 20 Wave Caps [ft. Domo Genesis]
04 Sunday [ft. Frank Ocean]
05 Hive [ft. Vince Staples and Casey Veggies]
06 Chum
07 Sasquatch [ft. Tyler, The Creator]
08 Centurion [ft. Vince Staples]
09 523
10 Uncle Al
11 Guild [ft. Mac Miller]
12 Molasses [ft. RZA]
13 Whoa [ft. Tyler, The Creator]
14 Hoarse
15 Knight [ft. Domo Genesis]

[wpsharely]Purchase ‘Hive’: iTunes[/wpsharely]

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