NJ emcee Duncecap brilliantly crafts this alcohol induced joint with self deprecating humour with a tone of realism. The song Social Drinker, which is taken off his Generally Sad Songs EP is also assisted by Karma Kids member Lt. Headtrip while the broody backdrop is provided by producer Kon Hathaway. Visually Duncecap(real names Mike Petrow) also directed the song which follows the two characters of himself and Lt Headtrip as they battle with the demon at the bottom of the bottle and the ripple effects.

 Pretty engaging if I may say as they served this delicate issue without being overly depressing(maybe just a bit) and preachy. Last words for y’all out there, go easy on the bottle.

Stream/Download ‘Generally Sad Songs’ (FreEP)

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About Duncecap /Generally Sad Songs:

Ever since he was young, writing verses in forums and recording freestyles with a young ABGOHARD, Duncecap has always found a way to use Hip-Hop as his outlet. Channeling introspective and class clown energies, Duncecap connects with both the high and low brow spirits of his listeners.

To parallel his music, Duncecap (Mike Petrow) has been shooting short films and music videos as long as he has been rapping – including videos for ICK members Spaceman, Flapjak and ABGOHARD. His signature documentative style is not only evocative, but matches the essence of his music, honing in on tender and candid moments.

It was studying film where he met up with other members of the Karma Kids, including frontman Lt Headtrip, who featured on the song “Social Drinker,” spits in a dark and visceral style which to some is coarse and to others elegant. Duncecap and Karma Kid members Googie, Samurai Banana (DJ) and Gruff Lion are an iconoclastic group determined to cut deep into Hip-Hop’s guts whether it’s ready or not.


1. The Art of Feeling Sorry for Yourself (prod.  DJM )

2. Jesus Christ (feat. ABGOHARD) [prod. Kon Hathaway]

3. Stale Saltines (My What to Do) [prod.  DJM ]

4. Basement Bounce (prod. Kon Hathaway)

5. Social Drinker (feat. Lt Headtrip) [prod. Kon Hathaway/cuts by Samurai Banana]

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