Dub MD and The Audible Doctor kick off the year with this incredible collaborative EP titled EP=MD², a 6 track body of work that weaves a dystopian past with the current social-political climate into a cohesive musical narrative that is both insightful and thought-provoking. The project opens up with “George [Intro]” which is inspired by the famous book 1984 by George Orwell and many world events in the 80s which all give off a state of gloom and doom which is still present in the world. This is followed by “Doublethink”, a title that is taken from the 1984 book and explores the government’s underhanded totalitarian policies and the plight of the masses under the jackboot of corporations. This is succinctly put together by Boston’s M-Dot, K-Hill [Stallone & Weathers] and Joc Scholar. This is followed by the moody “Room 101” by  Singapore Kane and Mr. Live who deliver unapologetic punches towards the rotten educational system and the subtle mind control elements they put out on a daily. “Where’s my mind”  continues the theme with the help of Mayhem, Avrex and Elete Wright who look at how black people are looked at and the effects of white supremacy mentality in the larger sense. 

The project closes out with “In Memoriam” and “Evil” which dive into introspective, personal loss, nostalgia and themes of self-preservation. The former sees veteran emcee Krumbsnatcha and rising lyricist Lena Jackson teaming together while the latter has The Good People, Junclassic and Likwuid.

Overall, the project is cohesive and the themes are engaging and will surely leave you with something to think about. All the tracks are produced by The Audible Doctor and mixed by B Leafs, Lightfoot, Charlie Beans while the artwork is crafted by Dallas Van De Vorst.

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