Akir – Homeward Bound

An NYC underground artist…Backed by Immortal Technique…”Akir”….The album “Legacy”…dropped in 2006 but in the midst of it all…this album was slept on and so was emcee “Akir”…In my opinion on stating the album, as being a desire for todays throwback the emcee’s lyricism and skill ability possesed substance pertaining to topics like politics, racism and recession subject matters… He drops knowledge and inspires beats to float on lyrics that are aquatic to nature…Rare in his own breed of emcee “Akir” was mastering a craft beyond his time without the recognition…I present track “Homeward Bound”….Laid-back with a Brazilian atmosphere to acompany his vocal float among other things….So vibe to this and appreciate hiphop!….ghea

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