Los Angeles based hip hop artist/producer, Dre Dupre, delivers his own take using the Freddie Joachim produced instrumental to the 2012 Joey Badass release, “Waves”.  The instrumental made waves quite recently when J.Cole used it for his controversial song “False Prophets”. Dre Dupre, on the other hand, uses the instrumental as a conduit for flexing his lyrical muscles. The smooth flowing emcee does deliver with his unique vocal tone and somewhat vivid illustrations.


Dre Dupre has been writing raps since middle school and began recording while attending Evergreen State College in Washington State. Upon graduation, Dupre moved to Los Angeles to pursue his music career. In between writing and recording, Dupre is a live engineer at a music venue in Santa Monica, CA. and also engineers indie projects. He also spent some time as an intern at the studio of Kenny Carkeet, producer for Awolnation and FitnessDupre is also currently working on his second, yet untitled, album of original work.


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