Producer/rapper duo made up of Dox Boogie & BZdaGod  respectively just dropped their debut single in the form of his dusty, hard hitting joint titled “Brace Yaself”.  This is the first time listening to BZdaGod and I must say, homie is on some other sh-t with the craft. His off kilter, somewhat lackadaisical but impassioned delivery is noteworthy while Dox Boogie’s Bass heavy, gritty soundscape helps accentuate the grimy vibes.

Hit the play button and get with the program.

“Brace Yaself” is the lead off, taken from the upcoming full-length album from NY veteran music producer Dox Boogie and rising star MC, BZdaGod (Jack Thriller’s Thriller Gang). The self-titled “Dox Boogie & BZdaGod” features 2 ChainzSuper Scrull and pop singer Tori Franco, recorded, produced and mixed entirely by Dox Boogie. “Brace Yaself” is a lyrical attack and rhyme scheme barrage by BZdaGod over a grunge influenced banger. “Dox Boogie & BZdaGod” LP is 18 tracks, 3 skits, 1 secret song and all that we loved growing up on hip-hop. It’s a versatile album, comprising of radio joints to club bangers, to introspective and pain, to bass thumping street music. Expect to hear the album sometime 4th quarter this year via Brain Kave Music Group / 6ixth Floor Entertainment.

*Written & Performed by BZdaGod [Thriller Gang]
*Produced by Dox Boogie [Brain Kave]
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