Mr. J. Medeiros re-released his EP, The Art of Broken Glass, for free download for a limited period of time.

Mr J is one of my favorite lyricists, every track he touches always has a deep story that takes you places…mix him with Boonie Mayfield a super talented young producer destined to do great things…and the result is the Art of Broken Glass.

The EP was originally released last year. I bought this when it originally came out, and it’s worth it no doubt, it has some very ill tracks…I still listen to it frequently and I couldn’t recommend it more…

Mr J Medeiros – Broken Windows (feat. Dj Inka One)


And if you can’t have enough of the excellent storytelling of Mr J…make sure to check his latest LP Friend Enemies Apples Apples released last year….

Spotted at Underground Hiphop Nation


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