Clan Destined (not to be confused with the creepy Pagan group of a similar name) were picked from thousands along with much dope talent (Dynas, Grand Agent, Kaze..), to be among the Rawkus 50 back in ’07 with their album “And for Our Next Trick“.

The new album “A Story Never Told” dropped in March, I came across it by accident today and was surprised that it hadn’t gotten more hype.. There are some incredible tracks on this album, a good half dozen of them are real keepers, beautiful music at it’s best. These however, are contrasted with 3 or 4 plain wrong additions from Felon Frontz Family, which ruined an otherwise well rounded album in my opinion..

Clan Destined – Above the Clouds

Clan Destined – Genre Mongers

Clan Destined – The Head Quarters

Grab this for free and the “And for Our Next Trick Remix EP” for a minor fee over at Bandcamp.


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