Ain’t Yours(DJ AKIRA dark side Mix)

Blazo – Rebirth

Here is my latest compilation, its instrumental only (like Flower, Bird, Wind, Moon)  it would of been too hard to try and top that one!  So i tried to go for something a bit differant a few varied types of tracks.   Thanks again to everyone for all the great comments…etc!   I never thought my compilations would be so popular but each one gets more and more popular as time goes on.  I hope you all enjoy this, it was hard to make if im being honest! But i got so many messages and emails asking for another instrumental compilation that i just had to do one!

Its a very random mix so hopefully something for everyone!


01. Shizuka – Note Native
02. Morning Horizon – Nitsua
03. Gio (for Himeyuri) – DJ Whitesmith
04. City of Twilight – Raujika
05. Tribute to Nujabes – Kondor
06. Dreaming – heRajika Tracks
07. Rebirth – Blazo
08. Siki (Tsunenori Remix) – LEMS
09. Obsever – KUROISOUL
10. Stories to tell – Kondor
11. Cowboys & Indians – Berry Weight
12. Black Lake – Emancipator
13. Masut – Thallus
14. Phantasmagoria – DJ RWOW aka Smoothe Current
15. Left the wind – no.9
16. Out in the Rain – ILL Cosby
17. Aint Yours (DJ AKIRA mix) – Cafe De Lux
18. Fluffy Cloud – Nomak
19. Light… – Haruka Nakamura
20. Aquarium – Nosaj Thing
21. Reasons to be Living – Ruto


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All praise goes to the artists who made the tracks.  As always if your song is featured in here without permission, i apologise, im just trying to introduce people to new artists and new sounds.

Thanks to Chris for the artwork!


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