Dallas, TX-based DJ Zenas  shows a different side to his craft as he thrills us with a heartwarming single titled  “By Ur Side”

The self-produced/written track explores the dynamics of relationships and how we need to come to terms with the fact that it will never be that straightforward and we should expect some turbulence every now and then. He makes use of a lush, layered atmospheric backdrop for his charming honeyed vocals as he takes the listener on an epic love story.

DJ Zenas is originally from Denver, CO. but he recently moved to Dallas, TX in 2019 to further pursue his music career after linking up with Jon-John Robinson. Since moving to Texas, Zenas has also produced several tracks for The Black Sands Soundtrack (a comic series turned animated series) and has continued working on music of his own.

He is currently working on his new EP ZENɅS, which is currently set for release in September.

Get it on Soundcloud.

Keep up with  DJ Zenas | Soundcloud: Twitter: Instagram

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