Independent artist Dax releases an emotional video about his bout with depression at different periods of his life. Appropriately titled “Depression,” the video commences with Dax in a rainstorm screaming. Images of him slowly getting out of bed to face himself in the mirror follow.

Dax’s passioned vocals depict the impact of depression that not only he falls prey to but so many others in the world. He brings up pushing people away who try to help, we see him drinking in attempts to make the bouts a bit easier to cope with, and we see him display an array of different emotions throughout the video.

The chorus echoes with hopes that others will grip the urgency of what it’s like to live day to day with depression. “I can’t find myself I get lost inside my brain I think I might need help But I pushed all of them way I Took cards they dealt And there’s nothing I can change So when I’m by myself I just pray for brighter days.”

Clapping melodies looped into a soulful backdrop accentuate Dax’s rawness and vulnerability. Watch the video for “Depression” and connect with Dax below.

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