Danny Matos ends 2015 with the newest leak off his upcoming The Hangar EP. Danny Matos keep things in perspective as he crafts a personal narrative that will surely get a thumbs up from anyone listening. Far from providing shock value or random street tales, Danny Matos delves into his day to day dealings, effortlessly translating them on wax. Let Go is yet another notch up the rung and a testament that keeping it right surely works in 2016.

When NYC rapper Danny Matos hits the booth, his energy and lust for life are apparent. The same goes for his innate talent, which he showcases through his latest single, “Let Go.”

In addition to demonstrating his skills on the mic, the New York artist has a message for his audience on the second leak off his upcoming EP, The Hangar. When he repeats “All I could do is learn to let go…” on the hook, it’s a mantra we could all stand to live by. Everyone’s held on to something (or someone) they thought could get better or that they can change, and Matos even declares himself a hypocrite in this regard. Even so, it’s learning how to get past it all that can allow us all to grow.

Just like on previous single “New Genre,” this track (and the rest of the EP) finds the driven MC backed by melodic, live instrumentation from Rusty Mack and the Red Walrus. They both represent Surf School, a skilled crew of artists led by super-producer Harry Fraud.

“Let Go” is now available for stream, and can be downloaded of off the iTunes’ pre-order landing for The Hangar, which drops January 8th!


1. New Genre
2. Somebody
3. Let Go
4. F*ck My Head Up
5. Mixed Priorities (Hearsay)
6. Here Now
7. On Fire

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