British/Nigerian artist Dan Onkar drops his 6 track body of work titled A Night Like This, a mix of introspective writing and multi-layered genre-fusing production.

The project is produced by Onkar himself alongside producers such as Nosa Apollo, FloTheProducer, and guitarist Sonzi. The project serves as the artist’s third EP and showcases his songwriting and production prowess. From the sublime opening track “If I Lie” to the smooth bounce of “Pass It” and the layered atmospheric sequences of “Spring Water” Onkar delivers a unique and refreshing take on afro-fusion.

Expanding on the creative process for the record, Onkar adds that, “Throughout the EP, the sounds I dance around try to paint a picture of what a date was like in ‘80s Nigeria. The project is influenced by ‘80s West African music (like highlife, afrobeat and disco) and R&B. ‘A Night Like This’ represents the coming together of my two different upbringing across London and Lagos, and embracing that merger, not only in my music, but also as a man, owning where I’m from and wearing that with pride and in love”.

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