The boys from the Balkan Badlands are back with a vengeance with their new music video and single, ‘Spaced Out’ announcing their upcoming debut studio album ‘The God’s Fury’. Da Commission recruited EDM veteran Dubravko ‘Ika’ Matančević to create a fusion of old school hip hop with a modern sound as they paint a realistic yet entertaining depiction of coping with vice and temptation in today’s world.


The video was directed by Mon$taa Mic (Da Commission) and co-directed Dominik Belančić delivering cinematic visuals which are rare these days when discussing independent hip hop music. Da Commission hope that this video will have their younger and older fans alike asking questions and rethinking certain things about their habits. ”It’s not so much a warning as much as it is a statement, whether we like it or not people are getting lost and isolating themselves. It don’t matter if they playing videogames all night or drinking to numb the pain of unemployment, people are told by the media that it is acceptable and we just want them to take a look at the image that is being propagated to them” (Mon$taa Mic of Da Commission). The album will be on sale on all digital stores and streaming services while hard copies can be purchased through their website and CD Baby.

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