The duo of MI and Dj Cutt drop their fifth full length project Omerta which is 13 tracks of hard hitting cinematic cuts for your listening pleasure. Waste little time and check it out here.

Baltimore rapper M.I. and New Jersey producer DJ Cutt draw from their respective Italian and Russian heritage to adopt the personas of Luciano and Lansky in this themed release.   In a series of sonic screenplays set through the decades in the mafiosa underworld, the subject matter is used metaphorically.  They depict familiar times, events and cultural reference points as a formula to compare mindsets, lifestyles and personal experiences.

With expert marksman Luciano kicking the verbal ballistics aided and abetted by Lansky’s musical ammunition, these couple of hip hop goodfellas have once again produced a classic.

TRACKLIST (all tracks produced by DJ Cutt)


2 – Newspaper Man

3 – Bada Bing

4 – So Underrated

5 – Plata O Plomo

6 – I-95

7 – Make My Bones

8 – Sparks Steakhouse

9 – Delorean

10 – Fuklinski

11 – Reign Storms

12 – Untitled

13 – We Up Tho

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