This episode features guest poet, MATT SEDILLO, a poet known for his political ideology as a communist and for having a raw revolutionary prospective. I quote him as “being for the common man because he is the common man”. He is a published author publishing, “For What I Might Do Tomorrow,” and has been on ’09 I.E. Slam Team and Grand Slam Champion of ’11 Damn Slam Team. We meet at the MAZATLAN HALL in Matt’s old stomping ground, a theatre and historic site converted into a multipurpose space in East Los Angeles (El Sereno) that needs Community Support to keep its doors open. The video opens with Iris DeAnda giving us some history and why we need to save it. Look for a series of fundraisers on their Facebook page below and join the cause, but the space is available now for all your event needs. Catch Matt featuring soon at the International Poetry Festival in San Francisco.

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