Emerging singer/songwriter Chynna Lewis hits us with her debut single “Mind and Soul” and it’s absolutely brilliant from start to finish. With a lush, soothing production as her backdrop, Lewis taps into her deepest emotions to deliver a soul-gripping performance that is both alluring and rich. While her soft vocals pepper the backdrop with their honeyed melodies, the other thing we should note is how warm and vintage sounding the track is. It has a nice blend of the old and new while also allowing Lewis’ vocals to gleam brightly throughout the record.

For a debut single, we can say “Mind and Soul” is a pitch-perfect record and we totally recommend it.

Born in Taiwan, Chynna Lewis moved to Canada at the age of ten. Growing up in a musical family, her mother sang, her father taught her guitar, and she and her brothers played music and harmonized together. As a teenager, Chynna discovered her love for singing through Soul and R&B music. She began writing her own songs on the piano and guitar at the age of fifteen, and this creative instinct eventually led her to her career in music.


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