Rapper/spoken word artist and all-around entertainer Chi TheRealist shares his new single “Through The Fire,” a highly motivational record that sees him working with fellow rapper KT TheGangsterRapper and vocalist Danielle Ponder. The track has a somber and reflective aesthetic that blends with the uplifting message shared by the rappers. Chi The Realist takes charge and details how sometimes loss can lead to new beginnings and implores listeners never to lose hope. He is followed by KT TheGangsterRapper ‘s hopeful lyrics and how he overcame adversity. The cherry on top is provided by vocalist Danielle Ponder who peppers the track with her soothing angelic melodies that elevate the soulful energy on the record.

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Chi TheRealist is a transparent artist that’s known for using pain-filled lyrics combined with stunningly acrobatic flows to deliver messages in his music. Chi’s passion for vulnerability often lands him in the schools of inner-city students where he aims to inspire and empower the youth to tell their stories no matter how painful and embrace their experiences.

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