Miami-based singer, songwriter, and rising r&b star Teenear‘s newest track “Dolla $igns” is a smooth blend of alluring melodies and a catchy hook. Backed by a lush, silky backdrop, she details her current movements and how she has grown to be independent with her mind focused on her career. In the same breath, she also exclaims how love seems to find its way into the picture and of course, she has her own way of handling her emotions. “Dolla $igns” is the follow up to her previous single “I Like It” ft. Lil Baby.

Singer, songwriter and musician Teenear has carved out her own niche, thanks to her warm blend of r&b and pop. Reaping from her raw talent, hard work, and dedication, Teenear is signed to Miami’s iconic record label, Slip-N-Slide Records. “I aspire to be more than an R&B singer,” says Teenear. The next steps in building Teenear’s empire will likely include acting jobs and getting more involved in the production process. “The ultimate goal is to create a brand that’s much bigger than life itself, so that when I’m gone, people still remember me for what I did here.”

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