Captain Murphy has been a mysterious figure ever since he dropped on Between Friends with Flying Lotus and Earl Sweatshirt. A few Twitter drops here and there and here is his first mixtape. It’s not downloadable, in fact you can’t even embed it, but you can head over to Captain Murphy’s digs for a 35 minute Psychedelic trip driven by cult recruitment and abstract Hip-Hop. It is dope though, featuring Flying Lotus, Jeremiah Jae, Azizi Gibson, Earl Sweatshirt, TNGHT and more. By the way, Captain Murphy is definately Flying Lotus. There’s a big giveaway in a previous Flying Lotus mix but I’ll save that for now. DUALITY DELUXE DOWNLOAD EDITION TO BE AVAILABLE SOON BUT I’M ONLY SAYING THIS IN THE EXCITED MANNER OF HIS TWITTER.


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