Ever since the first GMOs were successfully created in the early 70s, the application quickly spread across various fields most notably the agricultural sector. While I shall refrain from spiralling into some conspiracy theory tirade on genetically ‘remixed’ foods, I dare say that this is still a raging topic for all to pay close attention to just like the new track ‘GMO‘ by lyricist Calligraphist.

Calligraphist takes a close inspection on said topic with a somewhat microscopic approach. Of course he clearly can’t cover all bases with a verse but he does a damn good job at it. Backed by a haunting soundscape provided by SoundState Beats (The Netherlands) and a guest verse from the ever reliable Diabolic. This is sure to prick some brains and ruffle some feathers.

Tune in and lay your thoughts in the comment section.

 GMO is a surrealistic political piece touching upon the somewhat sensitive contemporary social topic of genetically modified organisms.

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