Hackney, London based emcee C.A.M is all about personal growth and the craft as shown on his new single titled “Sleepwalking”. Teaming up with producer Big Like Baz, who laces him with a smooth, jazz-infused beat, C.A.M goes to town with his smooth flow and thought-provoking lyrics that would make you think and vibe to the track as well. Along for the ride is singer CW Jones who provides the soulful chorus.

The visual captures the duo traversing across London and shows them in different spots from tube stations to the human traffic on busy London streets.

“Sleepwalking” is taken from his new ep ‘Just Breathe’. The E.P features CW Jones on the main single “Sleepwalking” and up and coming south London rapper Verbz on ‘City down south’. Cuts on “Don’t front’ are provided by the talented DJ.TMB and the whole project is mixed to perfection by Morriarchi. ‘Just breathe’ is packed with quotables and imagery that clings to the mind’s eye and shows C.A.M revealing an honest analysis of his own perception of pain as can be heard on the title track “Just breathe.”


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