Yo World.. As you may know, we at WIB are always looking for different ways to cover the beautiful music, whether new or old, what we do is all in the name of progress.. So we are proud to present a new Category to our page, “The EP Catalogue”.

Once a month we will post another classic EP from the past, could be a great golden-era Hip-Hop record, a strange Folk record or even some obscure Japanese Minimal Jazz record.. anything which has contributed to the sound we love today.. EPs are easier to sleep on and often forgotten therefore we thought it would be more interesting than just another nostalgic album category.


Embee – On Tour

Embee – Stay Up Late

So to kick us off, here is an EP from 2000 by Swedish DJ/Producer Embee (who is best known for work with Swedish Hip-Hop group Looptroop) entitled “Embeetious Art EP“. This EP was released when the world still didn’t really know where to put instrumental Hip-Hop, as a result I have seen this in every isle from Trip-Hop to Electro. This was Embee’s first release and hasn’t got much love over the years, 4 years after this he won the Swedish Grammy for Hip-Hop Album with his full-length debut “Tellings from Solitaria” (2004). Incredible beats on this one though.. that is my word.

Check Embee on Myspace and the Looptroop blog


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