Peace ya’ll

Sup Everyone…

J’s Music Inc. It’s now officially….Word Is Bond

The url has changed from to but we’ll make sure that you’ll go to the right place if you insert the old address.

Hope not  to confuse anyone….But we had to make these changes, as we never thought that we would get so much love in so little time, and therefore decided to change the name to something better, something that sticks and has more longevity to it.

This bloging world turned in to something that we care about greatly in just a few months, there’s going to be some more small changes down the pipeline, all for the better….but I’ll keep you guys updated when this happens.

Hope these transitions go as smooth as butter…

All the old links/posts should work…but please let me know if you have any problems or suggestions.

Major props to Ben (Editor)…as he was the one to came up with the awesome name…which suits us perfectly.

Always striving to give you the best…Word Is Bond


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